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Walk & Fly online shoes

At Walk and Fly we do everything possible to offer comfort and freshness when walking, so choosing Walk & Fly means opting for quality footwear made with the best materials.

Walk and Fly shoes for women and men allow you to create relaxed and casual outfits full of personality. If these adjectives represent you, you are in the right place. Welcome to the family, it's time to buy Walk & Fly shoes in our online shoe store!

Meet the shoe brand Walk and Fly

Walk & Fly was born in 2008 with the idea of spreading the Mediterranean character within the footwear industry and, to this day, we have succeeded.

We are a Spanish company that creates its designs in Barcelona with top quality Italian materials. Thanks to our progressive experience, we have managed to create a product that satisfies the needs that feet face at a fair price.

The Walk and Fly sandals for women and men are sewn by hand and made of cowhide leather. This constitutes the differential and most identifiable feature of the brand: artisan manufacturing.

Each season, we meticulously select current designs that help us capture the personality of Walk & Fly in our collections, without neglecting the pleasure and freedom of wearing Walk and Fly shoes. Fly.

Walk & Fly for women and men, the footwear that accompanies you anywhere

Walk and Fly seeks to fill the Spanish region with traces, transmitting the Mediterranean essence. We dress the feet of those people with real needs through versatile collections at affordable and competitive prices.

For this reason, we have two ranges of products: Walk & Fly women and Walk & Fly men full of personality. Our varied designs and colors are combinable with all the clothes you have in your closet. No matter the plan, Walk and Fly sandals are designed to accompany you in all directions.

When you buy Walk & Fly shoes you bet on footwear for a lifetime. We have specialized in Walk and Fly sandals for women and men made of cowhide leather, being the best option in terms of resistance, adaptability and breathability. If you are looking for a durable shoe, leather or skin is what you need.

Walk & Fly, the pleasure of feeling and living

If you are looking for a trusted brand to give your wardrobe a change of style, Walk and Fly is the best option. We have multiple designs ranging from the most formal to the most jovial and casual styles that do not leave out the best taste.

The Walk and Fly store only offers quality footwear: shoes and sandals made with top quality materials to guarantee maximum user satisfaction.

The Walk & Fly footwear is characterized by being natural, authentic and durable, representing a relaxed and comfortable personal style. They offer a free and natural way of dressing typical of the spirit and artisanal sensitivity with which each model is made.

Browse our website and enjoy the new collection or the Walk and Fly sales that we offer. Buying online Walk and Fly shoes is very simple.

The Walk & Fly opinions that support us

We are a Spanish brand with an artisan character that has grown over time thanks to "good work" and the trust of our customers. We work to improve every day and to transmit our principles: honesty, passion, quality and integrity.

In this way, the opinions about Walk and Fly are born from loyal and real customers who praise the benefits of the models of this brand that not only offer comfort, but also a very affordable price.

Walk & Fly Official Page

As you can see, renewing footwear in summer is totally easy and simple on our official Walk and Fly page. Take a look at the selection of sandals for women and men that we put at your disposal and enjoy the unique artisan care that characterizes us. The Walk and Fly online shoe store will be your greatest ally when the temperatures rise!