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If you are looking for footwear that takes care of your feet and at the same time is comfortable and durable, women's leather shoes are for you. This material is natural, allows the skin to breathe and is sustainable, since we make sure to work with leather from species that are not threatened and with brands that respect animal welfare.

Types of women's leather shoes that you can find at Walk & Fly

In our online store you will find leather shoes for women and nubuck. Both are made of leather, but nubuck has a velvety texture similar to suede, although much more resistant. Therefore, you will see that its price may also be slightly higher.

Nubuck is obtained by sanding the outer part of cowhide into a supple fabric that is pleasant to wear, beautiful and, at the same time, durable. You just have to be a little more careful when cleaning it, for which we recommend using a special brush or cloth for nubuck.

What makes women's leather shoes comfortable

The skin is an organic tissue, made to adapt to the shape of the organism. Thus, your leather shoes will adapt to the shape of your feet very quickly. In addition, being breathable, they will not give you heat in summer and will protect you from the cold in winter.

We only work with trusted women's leather shoes

Take a look at our collection of women's leather shoes. You will see that they are all leather shoes for women made in Spain or Italian leather shoes for women. In addition, they are of high quality, which will prevent foot problems and maximize their durability. Do you want to prove it? Enter our website and choose the models that you like the most, you will find comfortable leather shoes for women.

At Walk and Fly you have 30 days for free changes and returns, so don't think about it!

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