At Walk&Fly we accept the following payment methods to place orders:

1. Bank cards:

This form of payment is immediate, convenient and secure. We cannot see your data nor will we have access to it. You can associate as many cards as you want to your customer account to make orders faster.

For security, your bank will send you a code to your mobile to complete the payment. For subsequent purchases, our system will remember your card details if you wish. If you want to deactivate an associated card, you only have to access your user account, go to the "my cards" section and delete the corresponding card.

PSD2 - New regulations for internet payments in e-commerce

This is a new European payment regulation that allows banks to establish processes and controls both in access to online banking accounts, and in payments made from those accounts, (whether by transfer, card or any other means of payment) with the aim of reinforcing security. The new regulation came into force on September 14, 2019 and it is likely that your bank has sent you information about this new regulation.

The new regulation comes to reinforce the security of online purchases, in such a way that it allows greater control over the authorization of payments.

2. Bizum:

What is Bizum?

Bizum is the instant, fast, convenient and universal mobile payment solution, promoted by Spanish banking. Currently, it allows you to make payments between individuals, donations to NGOs and pay in online stores.

How to register in Bizum?

You have to check that your bank has Bizum integrated. You can see a list of banks with Bizum at this link;

If you have already downloaded your bank's App on your mobile, you have to go to the section corresponding to Bizum to activate it and register. The process is very fast and simple. Once registered you will have your PIN code, necessary to make payments with Bizum. It is a unique code for all purchases, made up of 4 digits, which only you will know and which you can modify whenever you want.

*In some Banks it is necessary to verify that you have enabled the payment with businesses in addition to the payment to individuals. Check with your bank for more information about payments by Bizum in stores

How to pay with Bizum in Walk&Fly?

To be able to pay with Bizum in Walk&Fly, you simply need the Bizum PIN code. It works similarly to a card PIN. We explain how the payment process is;

  1. Choose Bizum to pay for the order on our website, within the payment options.
  2. On the screen that appears, enter the telephone number associated with Bizum, it may then ask you for the PIN (4-letter code provided by the Bank) or ask you to authorize through your bank's APP, this will depend of the banking entity.
  3. If you have been asked for the PIN (once dialed), then you receive on your phone, via SMS or notification from the bank App, a purchase confirmation code that you must enter in the payment window that appears and finish the pay. If in the previous step you have been asked to authorize through your bank's APP, you have to skip this step, you must enter your bank's APP and authorize the purchase.
  4. We will tell you that the payment has been made successfully and we will start preparing your order.

In the event of a payment error or failure, no amount is charged to your account and you will need to check with your bank to find out the reason for the payment failure or rejection.

Refunds work exactly the same as card payments. At the time you make a return, a credit of the amount will appear in your account.

Other important information

The minimum amount to use Bizum is (€0.50). The possibility of using this service will be subject to the availability of each bank to be able to make online purchases with BIZUM.

For any other questions, you can access the Bizum page here: or you can also consult it through the Bank's Customer Service.

In case of problems with the payment, you can contact us, we will be happy to help you and indicate the steps to follow.

3. Bank transfer:

You must make the payment to this account:


IBAN: ES41 2100 0549 4902 0029 6328


Indicate in the Concept of the transfer the reference of the complete order. Our system will locate it automatically. You do not need to send us proof of the transfer. We will send the order after confirmation of payment.

Transfers from different entities may take up to two business days to reach us (not counting weekends or holidays), according to banking regulations. We keep transfer orders active for four calendar days. After that time, if the payment has not been confirmed, the order will be automatically cancelled. We will not assume any bank charges for transfers received. In case of receiving any charge for the transfer we will contact you and we will not process the order until the costs received are paid.

IMPORTANT: We do not order by phone. If you need it, our customer service staff will guide you through the entire purchase process, but will not place the order or ask for any information to place the order. It is the customer who must make the purchase.